Helping You, Help Yourself!

Services and Pricing

Right now, I'm trying to collect items that can help people re-vamp their blogs on their own: tips, tutorials and freebies for those who are design savvy. For those who are not, I can critique your blog to give you tips on what you can do yourself to make your blog look more organized, polished and professional. I can also do the designing, install my designs and make the changes for you if need be.

For example, for one client, I did a critique for her. She was able to move and rearrange some things herself. I then designed a header for her which she herself was able to install. Later, she wanted me to help her organize her blog, which I went in and did for her from her dashboard.

I am offering all my services a la carte, so if there are some things you can do yourself, great! I can help with anything else.

1. Critiques: to help you get jumpstarted on making changes yourself. ($25)

2. Blog title headers ($30)

3. Sidebar headers (about, follow, links, etc) ($10 each)

4. Badges (or some people call them buttons) ($10 each) for organizing and labeling your posts. 
(See LaLa Land or tea & ink for examples of how I use my badges. I try to stay focused on each blog, covering certain topics and I created a badge for each topic. For LaLa it's Books, Movies, Parenting, LaLa in the Kitchen, Humor, LaLa Lists.)

5. Logos for your site ($50 for initial design, plus $10 for each variation, as in different sizes, elaborate and simplified)

6. Consulting and troubleshooting services ($15 an hour, one (1) hour minimum charge) where I go in and physically do the rearranging and organizing on your blog for you or assist you if you are having issues with Blogger, including installation of my items. PLEASE NOTE: This is for users of Blogger only!! I do not have experience with WordPress at this time! This can include setting up feedburner, email subscription, and google anayltics.

I encourage you to google blog designers and compare prices. Designers typically charge $250 as beginners, which includes a certain number of changes (I send to you, you request changes/tweaks, send back to me, I make changes, send back to you, etc) because pickier clients or clients who don't know exactly what they want can have you working for days and days, making endless changes. So after say, 4 changes, they start charging $30+ an hour. I found one woman who was charging $750 for blogger design, including setting up feedburner and google analytics, which I've done myself and is not hard!

I DO have experience with PhotoShop, Illustrator and Microsoft Office.


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